Pulled the trigger.

or why I bought the Hasselblad Xpan.

I've spent my last 6 or 7 years playing around with digital cameras. I've gone through a Canon 5D Mark II and III and it's a simple process to learn, but still challenging to master.  I still feel like I'm learning every day.  But at some point, I felt like it was necessary to understand the way that photographs were meant to be taken.  On film.   

So, I set out to find the perfect camera for my needs.  

I started out looking at Leicas.  I checked out specs on the legendary M series for months.  Watched offer after offer go up and down on the Leica Classifieds -  ultimately decided it was too expensive.  And then one day I was faced with two cameras to choose between; A 6 x 7 Mamiya 7 for $2100 or a panoramic Hasselblad Xpan for $2100.  

I ended up going with the Xpan.  It came with a 45mm f4 and a 90mm f4.  It shoots 35mm film.

Why would I buy this?  The biggest reason is that I love the look of the frame.  It's very close to a cinematic 1:2.35 crop that you'd see with an anamorphic lens on a cine camera.  It's unique, well built and most importantly, it's a true Hasselblad.  I'm sold.  

I'll admit that it was a tremendous pain in the butt doing research and basically guessing what this camera will turn out to be, since you can't rent or try one unless you know someone who has one.  And now with no experience on film whatsoever, I'll document this in the hopes that it can help someone else out who wants to give this a shot.  I'll admit it does sound daunting...  


... But I'm up for the challenge.